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Meet the team

Find out who is behind the Little Scientists program.

Who are we?

We are currently updating this page but you can already get to know our leadership team.

Sibylle Siedler

Project Director

Sibylle Seidler

With a background in stakeholder management, marketing and business and as a passionate advocate of STEM, Sibylle is well equipped for the role of Project Director at Little Scientists.

With three curious little scientists of her own, a menagerie of pets, and having worked in everything from IT to aviation, this one-time aspiring vet has many years of experience in managing projects and people.

Sibylle oversees the project progress of Little Scientists and its team and is passionate about inspiring educators of future little scientists. She was an integral part of Lufthansa’s Flynet project, loves food and books and, of course, travel!

Olde Lorenzen

Managing Director

Olde Lorenzen

Olde is the Managing Director of not-for-profit FROEBEL Australia Ltd, providing bilingual early childhood education and care services, and responsible for launching Little Scientists as a professional development initiative in 2013.

He is a Renaissance man with skills and interests across the spectrum. He has a background in law, an interest in design, can multi-task and has an eye for detail while overseeing the big picture.

Olde was captivated by Lego play as a child, so his advocacy for STEM started at an early age. He is proud of Little Scientists recognition through the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda. He enjoys leading his enthusiastic team who are committed to re-imagining the Australian early childhood education landscape.

Heike Hendershot

National Training Manager

Heike Hendershot

With an extensive background in education and a fearless passion for collaborative learning environments, Heike manages the development and implementation of workshop content and supports the national team of training facilitators at Little Scientists.

She is curious, a critical thinker with the admirable ability to wonder. Passionate about change, and honouring each child’s individual skills and abilities, Heike believes that children are innately curious and that STEM inquiry initiates lifelong curiosity: questions should be asked every day!

Heike’s other passion is a bit more ‘airy-fairy’: practicing tricks and flips in her aerial yoga hammock sends her to cloud 9.

Rebecca McKeen

Relationships & Events Manager

Rebecca McKeen

Combining her event management skills and her professional experience as an educator, Rebecca’s unique role is her childhood dream of working in early childhood education come true.

Rebecca is the point of contact for Little Scientists’ network partners, answering just about any query, and she manages all our events and conferences.

Having worked with toddlers and created themed events, Rebecca understands the importance of patience, organisation and a sense of humour. She is a foodie with an adventurous spirit, who loves travelling and her dog Baloo.

Hayley Bates

National Certification Coordinator

Hayley Bates

Hayley has an insatiable thirst for learning – about everything! Her sheer joy of discovery and passion for professional development makes her the perfect person to run the Little Scientist’s House Certification program.

Never happier than seeing what happens to balloons in the freezer or exploring the projects submitted by services for certification, her enthusiasm is complemented by her background in science and maths making her the ideal coordinator for our Little Scientists Houses.

Hayley has taught across continents from preschool to tertiary and in botanic gardens to sewage plants. She is a yoga instructor, plays the piano and can sail a yacht.

Kerstin Johnson

Content Editor & Resources Developer

Kerstin Johnson

Thank goodness Kerstin loves doing what most people find boring, she is our editor looking after all the content at Little Scientists. Her aim is to make everything as engaging and user-friendly as possible for the workshop participants and all our material consistent across platforms.

Kerstin has worked in publishing, creating digital and print educational resources and has written blog posts as well as property ads. She loves the outdoors, bushwalking being one of her favourite activities.

Always eager to learn new things and inspired by our water workshop, Kerstin and her children are currently obsessed with finding out whether objects float or not.

Alice Hamilton

Digital Content Producer

Alice Hamilton

Alice is a proud geek and is passionate about education and all things tech. She develops and manages our digital assets including the Little Scientists website, eLearning and video content.

She specialises in developing optimised websites and eLearning content for the education sector. One of her proudest achievements has been the development of a suite of anti-racism and refugee education websites for teachers and students  for the NSW Department of Education.

Alice is passionate about instilling a love of learning in others. She teaches classes in web design and eLearning and in her spare time, delivers food gardening and sustainability workshops to teachers, helping them use edible gardens to support STEM projects. 


Graphic Design & Marketing Support

Tina Gaertner

With an education in politics and pedagogy and a Masters in Adult Education, Tina brings her experience, expertise and love of graphic design to Little Scientists.

Tina’s focus is on implementing and maintaining social media channels and organising Little Scientists events and conferences. She loves using her creativity and digital expertise to contribute to changing young children’s lives, as she knows firsthand from her own two boys how much fun they have learning in an early STEM environment.

Tina is a soccer tragic who loves chocolate, an avid podcast listener and admirer of the bravura of her childhood heroine Pippi Longstocking.

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