Early STEM project book

The ‘Everyday STEM inquiry in practice‘ book is a collection of 20 beautifully illustrated, inspiring child-led projects from all over Australia. 

Everyday STEM inquiry in practice

Celebrating the work of some of the amazing services we have developed a relationship with over the years, we have collected 20 inspiring projects from all over Australia, with child-led project work on a diverse range of topics, including water, engineering, sustainability, mathematical abstraction and the natural world. Our early STEM project book is a perfect resource for all early childhood services who are committed to inquiry-based STEM education.

If you would like to make exploration and research part of your daily practice, if you would like to find out more to discover children’s interests and support them through longer-term projects or if you are looking for guidance on how to recognise opportunities for researching as a group, you will find some great examples in this complete, practical and beautifully illustrated project book. 


A STEM project book for early childhood educators

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