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STEM Air Workshop, 29 July 2024, Perth WA

Mon 29th Jul 2024
to 02:
Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia
3/41 Walters Dr, Osborne Park WA 6017

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Event description

Could you squash a plastic bottle without ever touching it? Or break a ruler with a single sheet of newspaper? Come along to this much-loved Air Workshop to explore why air is so much more than ‘nothing’ and dive into the fascinating pedagogical topic: metacognition in early childhood. 

STEM topic: Air

In this hands-on, interactive workshop, you will learn how to create rich STEM learning experiences in your service through the exciting topic of air and use it as a topic through which to teach the outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. Activities may include: 

  • Use air to submerge a submarine and bring it back to the surface.  
  • Try to blow up a balloon with a plastic bottle and then transport the balloon inside that same bottle.   
  • Catch as much air as possible in a soap bubble.  
  • Explore the differences between hot and cold air and how you can feel and hear air.  
  • Test how well a round object and an angular object prevent a tea light from being extinguished.  
  • Try to move objects, paint, and even odours using air.  
  • Catch, trap and make air visible.  
  • Find out the fastest way to empty a full bottle of water.  
  • Find a way to measure the volume of the air we breathe.  

Pedagogical topic: Metacognition in early childhood 

This professional development workshop will give you the confidence to unlock the wonders of STEM in your service through the gateway of air. You will: 

  • Learn how to support children’s metacognitive development.  
  • Uncover how communication, reflection, and questioning enhances children’s ability to become confident life-long learners.  
  • Learn how early education can foster children’s metacognitive development. 
  • Experience the effects of different prompts and questions on the learner. 
  • Become equipped with tools to support children’s journey of discovery through questioning and collaborative reflection.

STEM Learning Outcomes

This STEM workshop will provide you with the following learning outcomes through the specific lens of air:  

  • Understand the important role of inquiry-based learning and co-construction in early education.  
  • Uncover how early education can foster children’s metacognitive development.  
  • Learn how communication, reflection, and questioning can enhance children’s ability to think about their own learning.  
  • Exchange ideas and experiences with other like-minded educators and reflect on your current practice.  
  • Receive comprehensive topic-specific materials with educational STEM ideas and information about inquiry-based practices.  
  • The confidence to tap into, guide, and focus children’s natural interests and abilities.  
  • The confidence to pass on your new knowledge and skills to your colleagues and to become a STEM champion in your service. 

Practical info about this workshop

WHO: This workshop is suitable for all educators and teachers — no prior STEM knowledge required.  

COST: $215 per participant. Ticket includes morning tea. 

FACILITATOR: Wendy Gorman, AISWA, Little Scientists Local Network Partner Trainer

BRING: Please bring something to write notes with and wear comfortable clothing suitable for hands-on activities and experiments. 

TRANSPORT: Please research your parking and public transport options ahead of time. 

GOOD TO KNOW: This workshop provides you with a variety of tools and educational concepts to meet a range of requirements of the NQF and EYLF. This workshop is NESA-accredited.

Questions? Email us at  

Terms and Conditions.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available up to 7 days prior to the event

Date and time

Mon 29th Jul 2024
From 09:
to 02:
Timezone: Australia/Perth


Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia
3/41 Walters Dr, Osborne Park WA 6017

Early STEM Education Awards

Every educator who attends a 2024 Little Scientists workshop will receive one free month of LoveHeart’s Transform Plan, an AI tool designed to help early childhood educators understand children’s development and uses your observations to create learning stories, learning plans, and more. LoveHeart is a major sponsor of Little Scientists Early STEM Education Awards 2024.

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