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Program day one – CONFERENCE

8:30 Registration & light refreshments

You’ll need your energy to get through all the exciting speakers and topics we have for you!

9:00 Welcome

9:15 Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith
Women in STEM Ambassador

9:55 Justine Clarke
Children’s Music Artist

10:30 Morning tea break

There’ll be light refreshments, plus a chance to meet Justine and take a selfie.

11:00 Breakout Session

12:00 Lunch break

Enjoy a light lunch and take in the lush university grounds.

13:00 Breakout session

14:00 Breakout session

15:00 Afternoon tea break

Rehydrate and get an energy boost before the final sessions.

15:30 Breakout session

16:30 Tom Mogridge
Dyson Engineer

16:45 Networking drinks

Join your fellow educators and STEM enthusiasts for a social drink to discuss the day’s topics.

Breakout sessions
Conference participants will be divided into four groups and rotate through each breakout session.

Program day two – EDUCATOR WORKSHOPS

There are three STEM educator workshops offered on day two: Acoustics, Air and Optics. Select your workshop at time of booking.

8:30 Registration & light refreshments

Enjoy some pre-workshop refreshments before a big day of STEM.

9:00 Workshops begin

10:40 Morning tea break

STEM is thirsty work, don’t forget to hydrate.

11:00 Workshops resume

12:30 Lunch break

A second chance to refuel and take a stroll around the campus.

13:30 Workshops resume

15:30 Afternoon tea break

A quick snack before the final session.

15:45 Workshops resume

16:30 Workshops end

Day 1: Breakout sessions


The four sessions will run parallel and conference participants will be divided into four groups, allowing each group to partake in each session.

Learn to unlock the wonders of STEM

Inquiry-based learning, a sustainable approach

Facilitated by Heike Hendershot, National Training Manager.

Concentrate on your core values as an educator and further develop your professional identity by taking a deep dive into inquiry-based, child-led learning. Combining group discussion and theory, discover how a strong professional identity helps you articulate your educational philosophy to colleagues and parents.

Working with what you’ve got

How to make STEM explorations sustainable and practical

Facilitated by Reverse Garbage.

Get hands-on in this fun-filled workshop all about how to re-use everyday materials in innovative, useful and creative ways. You will explore common waste materials for their re-use potential and clarify waste disposal methods of common household items, creating a sustainable way to teach STEM in the long-term.

Join the Little Scientists House family

Introducing STEM projects with Little Scientists accreditation

Facilitated by Hayley Bates, National Certifications Coordinator.

Learn how to put STEM inquiry projects into practice and discover why they are so rewarding for both children and educators alike. Guided by leading educators, see what the Little Scientists program looks like in real life. Find out how to get our STEM tick of approval and help your service become an accredited Little Scientists House.

The values, principles and practices of STEM

How Little Scientists aligns with EYLF and NQS

Facilitated by Associate Professor Lena Danaia from Charles Sturt University.

Explicit linking of the Little Scientists workshop content to the EYLF, NQS, APST, and the Australian Curriculum will enable you to see how workshop participation can support the programming, planning, and documentation obligations in your workplaces.

Day 2: Educator workshops


There are three STEM educator workshops offered on day two: Acoustics, Air and Optics. Select your workshop at time of booking. Educator workshops will be facilitated by Little Scientists Head Trainers.

STEM Acoustics workshop

Facilitated by Lena Hamond.

Fizzle, crackle, crash, boom, bang! Delve into the world of everyday sounds. Explore the presence and absence of sound, create your own sound maker and tell a sound story. Emphasise the potential of peer group learning in co-constructed environments and reflect on the educator’s impact on group dynamics.

STEM Air workshop

Facilitated by Heike Hendershot.

Bring fresh air into the room, catch soap bubbles and learn that air is so much more than ‘nothing’. Experience air through touch, sound and movement by making it tangible to your senses. Uncover how communication, reflection and questioning enhance children’s ability to become confident life-long learners.

STEM Optics workshop

Facilitated by Hayley Bates.

Enjoy a day full of lights, colours and optical illusions. Explore the land of mirrors, colourful shadows and nature’s paint palette. Appreciate the magic of colour, mirrors and shadows through the eyes of a child. Discover the empowering effects of child-led inquiry projects in early childhood and become immersed in your own inquiry project.

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