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Sonic Boom Conference  – Thank you & resources

Thank you!

A big thank you to all the educators who attended the Little Scientists Sonic Boom Conference and a special thank you to our guest speakers. We could not have done it without you.

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador, highlighted the importance of starting STEM early in a child’s life.

Well-known actor, musician and author Justine Clarke sang, danced, clapped and roared whilst connecting music and STEM.

Senior Dyson Engineer, Tom Mogridge showcased how engineered technology can help educators learn, interpret and demonstrate STEM topics, specifically air science and air quality.

Read the post conference wrap up as featured in The Sector.

Conference resources

Main hall
Main slide deck [pdf] (52mb)
Lisa Harvey-Smith slide deck [pdf] (4.5mb)

Workshops by Heike Hendeshot – follow up materials
Megan Gibson, Professional identities in Early Childhood [pdf]
Emmy Werner, Resilience Study [pdf]

Workshops by Hayley Bates
Slide deck [pdf] (1.3mb)

Workshops by Lena Danaia
Slide deck [pdf] (745kb)

Photos from the conference

For more photos, head to the news and events section.

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