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Futuristic cities

QLD award winner

Early STEM Award 2020 - QLD winner

Concordia Lutheran College Hume Street Kindergarten

Building on their learning about space during the previous term, the children at Concordia Lutheran College Hume Street Kindergarten were talking about how humans might be able to live on other planets. To start the planning process, children and educators discussed what the important aspects of our world were and which things we could not live without. Out of this discussion came a list of must-haves, such as farms to grow watermelons and strawberries, cities to live in, good food, houses, earth, dumps and recycling, vegetables, grass and trees, water, roads and bridges, books and electricity.

While the first part of the project saw individual architects create their visions of future cities, for the second part, the children all came together as a team of engineers, who hypothesised and tested their ideas together. They experimented with balloons to get Huxley’s city to float, used an umbrella to protect Oscar’s city from the wind and rain on Jupiter and a jumping castle pump to make Alice’s kingdom float. After discussing and testing different materials, they placed Isabella’s floating house on a metal tray in a water trough.

The future is in good hands

The award panel thought that the alignment of the theme, the collaborative nature and the understanding of the scientific process and thinking in this project were outstanding. The children hypothesised as a group and tested their ideas together, with new hypotheses coming out of the testing, and it was great to see the community involvement with a jumping castle pump and helium balloons provided to the service.

Thank you for taking us on a fascinating trip to the future, which, with your creativity and problem-solving skills, will be a wonderful place to live.

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