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The wonder of bees

SA state winner

Early STEM Award 2020 - SA winner

Nido Early School, Kensington Park

Beautifully demonstrating how children and adults can research and learn together, Nido Early School Kensington Park’s project included pressing flowers, making perfume and sculpting their own bee statues from clay while also overcoming children’s fears of bee stings.

The wonder of bees was brought to life when children noticed bees buzzing around the crepe myrtle tree. Questions about how exactly bees make honey led into this multi-layered project, drawing on many scientific concepts that apply to children’s everyday lives. Highly future-oriented, with an intrinsic concern for the environment, the children inquired into all aspects of this insect from behaviour and anatomy to cooking with honey. Learning how to use digital microscopes to observe nectar and pollen and experiences like feeling and smelling blossoms or tasting honey allowed the children to use all their senses in their investigations.

A genuine example of what can be achieved when children and teachers research together

The excellent research approach provided the children with rich experiences like the honey tasting, which was a highlight for the award panel. The inquiry-based experiences were related to the STEM concepts beautifully and made this project a joy to read.

Thank you for taking us on your fascinating journey exploring the wonders of the natural world.

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