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Quirky curious futures - postponed

Little Scientists Early STEM Award 2020!

The biennial Little Scientists Early STEM Award, recognises and celebrates early childhood services that have successfully implemented inquiry-based learning and child-led STEM exploration. The award is open to all Australian early childhood services who wish to showcase their inquiry-based STEM project.

This years award theme ‘Quirky Curious Futures’, encourages participants to let their imaginations fly. Playing with quirky ideas, letting children’s curiosity run wild and creating their own vision of the future. Imagine what our transport and cities could look like, imagine life on a different planet or invent useful gadgets.

How to enter

1. Simply, complete the expression of interest form on this page to receive the Award entry form.

2. Complete the entry form, selecting one project to showcase your implementation of inquiry-based STEM. Include the children’s ideas, investigations, discoveries and approach in your entry form.

3. Send your completed entry to, along with your supporting photos and documentation.

Entry criteria

Once all entries are received, they will be assessed by a jury panel of early childhood and STEM professionals. Each entry will be assessed and measured against the following categories;


STEM content

Project scope

Child-led focus



Of course, there will be great prizes to be won! The Little Scientists Early STEM Award has the following prize categories: 1 National winner and 8 State and Territory winners.

We will celebrate each winning service’s achievement with an award ceremony, attended by a member of the Little Scientists team to present the prize package.

So, what can you win? Here’s a sneak peek of some of the fabulous prizes provided by our sponsors, with more prizes to be announced soon:

Why should you enter?

We could give a million reasons why you should enter the Little Scientists Early STEM Award, but here our top 5:

You are a STEM rockstar! Let us recognise you for the amazing work you do in your service.

The children in your service love imagining their Quirky Curious Futures – and we want to know all about it!

Prize packages worth over $1500 to be won!

Become a STEM leader and have the opportunity to take out the top prize for your State/Territory!

Have the chance for your project to be featured on our website and/or in a future edition of our Early STEM Project Book.

Important Message

After speaking with some of you, and in hope of alleviating some pressure, we have decided to temporarily postpone the Little Scientists Award for now.

When the time is right, we will continue on, so watch this space for new dates to be announced. At the moment we cannot tell you when we will reopen the award – but we cannot wait to share it with you!

For the time being, we want you to focus on what is most important – the wellbeing of the children and yourselves!

Expression of interest

Complete the questions below to recieve a Early STEM Award entry form.


Thank you to our generous sponsors who have supported the Little Scientists Early STEM Award.

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Frequently asked questions

I have already submitted my complete entry form. What does the postponement mean for my award entry?

For those services that have already submitted their final award entry, your applications will automatically go into the award when we continue and will not have to be resubmitted.

Other services have had great plans in place and were working towards submitting their entry form but are now facing difficulties in following through with little to no children left in their service to pursue their projects. If this is the case for your service, then we strongly encourage you to use this time to either continue with the project where possible or start reflecting on the project to date and commence documenting the process thus far.

Do I need to complete a Little Scientist workshop before entering?

The Little Scientists Early STEM Award is open for all early childhood service to apply. It is not a requirement of entry to have already participated in the Little Scientists program. We do, however, encourage our existing Little Scientists workshop participants to apply.

You can book a Little Scientists workshop via our booking calendar.

Can I see the entry form before the awards re-open?

Yes, perhaps this time offers an opportunity for your service to start a project and focus on something positive together. Please complete the expression of interest form on this page and you will be sent an email to download the entry form.

Does it have to be a brand new project?

The project that your service decides to showcase can be one your service has already completed, or one you are currently working on.

Quirky Curious Futures - What does the award theme mean?

The theme Quirky Curious Futures, has been chosen to encourage participants to let their imagination fly. Playing with quirky ideas, letting children’s curiosity run wild and creating their own futures. The sky (or the depths of the ocean) is the limit.

If you need help to spark an idea for a Quirky Curious Futures project, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals would be a great place to start. We believe that these goals provide a global blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for our children and our planet.

How will the winners be selected?

Entries will be assessed and judged by a jury panel of early childhood and STEM professionals. Each entry will be measured against the following criteria:

  1. STEM content
  2. Originality
  3. Child-led focus
  4. Inquiry-based focus
  5. Project scope. Including but not limited to project length, participation, additional extensions, external partners and resources

I have entered or been an award winner in 2018. Can I enter the 2020 Little Scientists Early STEM Award again?

Yes, absolutely! All services that won in 2018 are eligible to enter in this year’s award. However, a project cannot be re-entered twice. We know that you have all run amazing projects in the past 2 years or are currently engaged in wonderful projects. So please surprise us with a new Quirky Curious Future project!

Which projects won the 2018 Little Scientists Early STEM Award?

You can learn all about our 2018 Award winners in our STEM project book.

I am having trouble filling out the from. What can I do?

If you are having issues accessing or submitting your entry form, please contact us by phone on 02 8080 0065 or send us an email to We are here to help!

Terms and conditions

  1. Entries must be submitted by Sunday 31, May 2020 AEST.
  2. Each service is only eligible to submit one entry form.
  3. Entries will only be reviewed if the entire application form is complete.
  4. The Little Scientists Award is open to all Australian Early Childhood services and only employees of an Early Childhood service can apply (entries from members of the community are not accepted/eligible.)
  5. Little Scientists reserves the right not to award a prize if, in their view, the quality of entries is insufficiently meritorious.
  6. entries will be reviewed only if they are submitted by email and in the format as instructed in the application form.
  7. Prize winners of the Little Scientists Award will be notified via email or phone and may be announced on the Little Scientists website and or social media platforms.
  8. Information provided by the entrant in relation to the Little Scientists Award may be used by Little Scientists for promotional/publicity purposes. This may include and is not restricted to, the information being used on websites, social media, printed material, advertisements and press releases.
  9. Prizes are not redeemable for cash, credit or product.
  10. All entries become the property of Little Scientists Australia. As such, Little Scientists is the owner of all copyright and other intellectual property in the winning entries.
  11. To withdraw an application, written notification is required via email to at any time with immediate effect.
  12. If for any reason, Little Scientists is not capable of running the Little Scientists Award as planned by a cause beyond their control, Little Scientists will in discretion cancel or postpone the event.

Failure to meet all conditions of entry will automatically disqualify an entry.

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