Little Scientists House projects

We are excited to be showcasing our favourite early STEM projects from our community of Little Scientists Houses and beyond. If you would like to embrace project work in your service, this is an excellent place for you to find inspiration.

NSW state award winner

Quirky space food bag invention

“We loved to see what can happen when children are given space and time to follow their own questions as this group took the lead in their mission to innovate nutrition in space with their space food bag.” (Little Scientists team, Early STEM Award 2020)

VIC award winner

Germs are not for sharing

“The thoughtful approach to germs during these uncertain times and the children’s infectious enthusiasm for research made this project stand out as it followed the children’s interests and abilities.” (Little Scientists team, Early STEM Award 2020)

NT award winner

Nha Dhuwaya Wangaya? What is a home?

“We were grateful to get a glimpse of the Yolngu way of life through a project that saw children exploring shapes and materials to construct shelters built on community, tradition and the environment.” (Little Scientists team, Early STEM Award 2020)

WA award winner

The thirsty koala

“Impressed with these bush researchers’ thirst for knowledge, we enjoyed being part of their nature adventures, looking into innovative ways to preserve koala habitat and coming up with a bonus story!” (Little Scientists team, Early STEM Award 2020)

National award winner

The making of rocket engineers

“We were delighted with the excitement and determination of this team of rocket engineers, storytellers, artists and researchers, whose inventions will revolutionise what humans can do in space.” (Little Scientists team, Early STEM Award 2020)

SA state winner

The wonder of bees

“We got a buzz out of the children’s joy in discovering the wonders of the natural world, using all their senses while exploring many different aspects of the life of bees in this multi-layered project.” (Little Scientists team, Early STEM Award 2020)

QLD award winner

Futuristic cities

“We enjoyed imagining life in one of the amazing futuristic cities with extra features designed to protect us from extraterrestrial climates while providing all the creature comforts we know on Earth.” (Little Scientists team, Early STEM Award 2020)

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