Little Scientists House projects

We are excited to be showcasing our favourite early STEM projects from our community of Little Scientists Houses and beyond. If you would like to embrace project work in your service, this is an excellent place for you to find inspiration.

preschool children and educator placing Plasticine on body outline

Germ research

What better place to run a child-led project on germs than a service attached to a hospital? Involving the parents working at the hospital gave the children great insights into their day and their work at the hospital. Find out how the children conducted a germ study by wiping slices of bread on door knobs and pets.

Children learning how to recycle

Becoming a waste-free world

Inspired by one of our parents’ involvement in a fundraiser with the theme ‘Becoming a waste-free world’, our school readiness children brainstormed ideas for reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill each year. They came up with a range of ideas…

Girl and boy examining coloured glasses of water

Water filtration systems

While most children playing in the mud kitchen just pretended to drink their ‘cups of tea’, one child did drink the dirty water, which started a discussion on why we should not do that. When one of the educators showed the children a video about parts of the world without access to clean drinking water, the children decided to invent a water filtration system.

Children building a bridge from blocks and pouring water underneath

How to build a bridge

As the children were immersed in playing with wooden cylinders, exploring balance and building tall towers, the educator took their interest in construction with wooden blocks as a starting point to research bridges together with the aim of constructing a bridge as a group.

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