STEM leaders

Educators speak to Little Scientists about their passion for STEM education in early childhood and how they integrate STEM learning in their services. A new STEM leader will be featured each month.

Grace Samuel - STEM leader Sep 2021

STEM leader – September 2021

Grace believes that STEM in early childhood is important for developing children’s curiosity, creativity, teamwork, communication skills, resilience, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Shani Cai

STEM leader – August 2021

Shani enjoys incorporating science experiments in the children’s learning experiences and encourages the children to explore their topics of interest while engaging in play-based learning.

Amy Brown STEM Leader July 2021

STEM leader – July 2021

Amy sees STEM as an important part of hands-on learning, investigation and problem-solving: “STEM is learning that does not always go to the original plan but is always exciting and fun.”

Kristen Myers-Tapim

STEM leader – June 2021

Kristen Myers-Tapim believes that it is STEM that leads to innovation and creates ideas and inquiry. She encourages the children to ask questions, wonder, imagine and create and not to be limited by preconceived notions.

Lynne Graham

STEM leader – May 2021

With 15 years’ experience in early childhood education, the Centre Director at Toybox Early Learning enjoys preparing children for life, not just school. She likes to encourage children to explore the world around them using their senses.

Rhiannon Winston

STEM leader – April 2021

Rhiannon Winstone from Queensland believes that STEM learning is interactive and engaging for children as well as educators and supports the development of children’s individual and teamwork skills while having a whole lot of fun!

Nicole Lonergan

STEM leader – March 2021

With seven years’ experience in early childhood education, Nicole focuses on child-led learning and outdoor play, which is very important to her as she feels this is a great space for children to explore a wide range of concepts, ideas and interests as they emerge.

Hayley Drennan

STEM leader – February 2021

Hayley Drennan is currently working as a kindergarten teacher in an integrated 3- to 5-year room at Saltwater Childcare Centre in Footscray, Melbourne. With 16 years’ experience in early childhood education, Hayley focuses on blending the magic of both left- and right-brain thinking by meshing drama with STEAM…

Margaret Chua

STEM leader – January 2021

Margaret Chua, Nominated Supervisor and Teacher at Patterson Lakes Kindergarten in Victoria, has been working in early childhood education for almost 11 years. Her professional focus is on STEM exploration and social inclusion, her approach inspired by Reggio Emilia…

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