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Static electricity

Posted on April 20th, 2020 in Little Scientists at home

About this activity: Separating salt and peper

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Static electricity is a difficult topic and concept to explain to young children. So don’t! Ask them what they think is happening, listen and ask questions. Stand back and let them form their own ideas on how this exploration works. Let them experiment themselves and make up their own ideas. Let the wonder begin.

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About the STEM at home series
HAYLEY BATES, National Certifications Coordinator

Hayley Bates

Hayley has an insatiable thirst for learning – about everything! Her sheer joy of discovery and passion for professional development makes her the perfect person to run the Little Scientist’s House Certification program.

Never happier than seeing what happens to balloons in the freezer or exploring the projects submitted by services for certification, her enthusiasm is complemented by her background in science and maths making her the ideal coordinator for our Little Scientists Houses.

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