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Don’t Call Me Bear

Posted on March 13th, 2019 in STEM literacy links

Publication: Don’t call me Bear | Author: Aaron Blabey | Age: 4-6 years

Angry looking koala - Book cover: Don't call me Bear

This funny rant by Warren, a koala who is sick of being called a bear, is a great reminder that it is important to use correct terminology when speaking to children. If you are unsure, you can always research the correct STEM vocabulary with the children and share the joy of finding a new word to describe your world more accurately.

You can also try to introduce more scientific language into the children’s vocabulary, for example, by talking about what makes a koala a marsupial. And whatever you do, please don’t call Warren a bear!

With our book recommendations, we want to help you spark a conversation that leads children to discover STEM in their everyday lives. Have the courage to go beyond the obvious STEM connections and embrace all questions that may come out of your discussion with the children.

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