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Michael Recycle

Posted on November 11th, 2020 in STEM literacy links

Author: Ellie Bethel | Age: 4+ years

Boy flying whilst wearing colander on head

The town of Abberdoo-Rimey is smelly and full of rubbish until Michael Recycle appears and teaches its inhabitants responsible waste management. The people quickly go beyond merely separating their recycling and start a green transformation. They embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and start growing their own vegetables, even decorating their town with reusable green toilet paper garlands to celebrate their achievements.

How could we produce less waste when we celebrate? What can we put in our recycling bins? Why does rubbish smell? Which vegetables would you like to grow? Allow the children to be inspired by Michael Recycle and see where their personal green transformation takes them.

With our book recommendations, we want to spark an interest in children to discover STEM in their everyday lives. Most books go beyond the obvious STEM connections and can be a great starting point for exploring children’s questions and ideas further.

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