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Rosie’s walk

Posted on August 5th, 2020 in STEM literacy links

Author: Pat Hutchins | Age: 3+

Fox following a hen past a hen house

Rosie the hen goes for a walk, completely oblivious to a fox that is following her. What is a stroll for the hen turns into an obstacle course for the fox, allowing Rosie to return home unharmed.

This quick and simple story will help you get the attention of all children and works well with the younger ones. Encourage them to map a course for Rosie through the centre, with traps and hurdles for the fox. This is a great opportunity to expand on the positional language from the story, using prepositions such as over, across and through, as well as helping the children develop spatial awareness.

With older children, you could have a conversation about predators and maybe even start a research project on the role of the fox in different ecosystems.

With our book recommendations, we want to help you spark a conversation that leads children to discover STEM in their everyday lives. Have the courage to go beyond the obvious STEM connections and embrace all questions that may come out of your discussion with the children.

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