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The crocodile who didn’t like water

Posted on December 11th, 2019 in STEM literacy links

Author: Gemma Merino | Age: 4+ years

crocodile in inflatable ring

The little crocodile wants to play with his brothers and sisters, but they love being in the water and, as much as he tries, he doesn’t do very well in his attempts to join in their aquatic games. He keeps trying to find ways to fit in until, one day, he changes and suddenly it makes sense that he is different.

This lovely story about finding the balance of trying to fit in while accepting your differences is a great starting point for discussing animal and human behaviours. Do cats and dogs like being in the water? Which animals like being in water? Which animals climb trees? Do you like being in the water? Do you sometimes feel different from your friends or siblings?

With our book recommendations, we want to help you spark a conversation that leads children to discover STEM in their everyday lives. Have the courage to go beyond the obvious STEM connections and embrace all questions that may come out of your discussion with the children.

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