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Posted on March 25th, 2020 in STEM literacy links

Twig| Author: Aura Parker | Age: 4+

Twigs spelling TWIG by Aura Parker

A gentle story about friendship and how differences and abilities enrich our lives. The author Aura Parker, takes young readers to a busy bug school where we meet Heidi, a stick insect who is long and tall and camouflages very well with the trees, almost too well, as no one else notices her at first.

The story and rich illustrations invite children to explore stick insects further and talk about their special ability to camouflage. Invite the children to go outside and collect sticks. Can they also find some images of real stick insects? In what situations would camouflaging be a helpful ability? Why does Heidi’s ability to camouflage work against her at bug school and what does she do to change that? Can you think of a unique ability you have? What is the best thing about it?

With our book recommendations, we want to help you spark a conversation that leads children to discover STEM in their everyday lives. Have the courage to go beyond the obvious STEM connections and embrace all questions that may come out of your discussion with the children.

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