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Publication: Gowrie NSW Thought Leadership Blog | Published on: 6 June 2021

Springtime is a good opportunity for educators to consider the learning opportunities available during outdoor play. Our head trainer Lena Hammond has shared some practical advice for educators wishing to extend children’s outdoor play with STEM learning in an article first published on the Gowrie NSW Thought Leadership Blog.

Gowrie NSW is a non-profit-organisation founded in 1940, providing diverse education and care, family support and professional development services to the early and middle childhood sector across NSW and ACT.

With a focus on research and contemporary pedagogical methodology, Gowrie has demonstrated a strong leadership commitment to working in partnership across generations to provide a range of programs and resources that support children, families and education professionals.

Little Scientists and Gowrie NSW have a long-standing partnership based on shared pedagogical values and the aim to give educators the tools they need to support the children’s natural curiosity.

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