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Author: Claire Ottaviano | Publication: Echo News | Published on: 13 September 2018
Original article:  Small Scientists Win Big

“The hands-on approach in the project encouraged the children to engage in sensory experiences which cater so well for young children’s learning,” she said.   

“The activities show us how important it is for young children to participate in a wide range of meaningful and relevant learning encounters at school, at home and in the community.” 
Little Scientists Australia project director Sibylle Seidler presented the Bennett Springs school with the award. 

“I’m delighted to present Beechboro Christian School with the 2018 Little Scientists Early STEM Award for their successful work in integrating STEM experiences in everyday learning,” she said. 

“We want all of Australia’s children to grow into resilient individuals capable of critical thinking and problem solving through inquiry-based learning and playful scientific exploration.”

“We firmly believe that together with early childhood professionals we are changing the educational landscape of Australia.”

Little Scientists is supported through the Australian National Innovation and Science Agenda.

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