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St Thomas wins Little Scientists Award

St Thomas preschool accepting Little Scientist book pack

Author: Clare Peddie, Science Reporter | Publication: The Advertiser | Published on: August 13, 2018
Article: Little Scientist at St Thomas School, Goodwood sparks wide-eyed wonder with butterfly project

Little Scientist at St Thomas School, Goodwood sparks wide-eyed wonder with butterfly project

WHEN little Leila found a chrysalis on her grandparents’ farm and took it to preschool, she sparked an award-winning project on butterflies.

Yesterday the project won top prize for SA in the Federal Government’s Little Scientists Early STEM Awards.

Her teacher at St Thomas School and Preschool, Emma Reardon, said the discovery was an opportunity to explore mathematics, literacy and time lapse photography as well as life cycles and art.

“Just one little spark can lead to some amazing things,” she said.

“We were there along that journey with them, seeing all the wonder and excitement through their eyes.”

Caring for caterpillars led to discussions about the care and protection of the whole natural world, Mrs Reardon said. 

The students found creative ways to share their knowledge with the school community such as videos and even prayer. 
Little Scientists Australia project director Sibylle Seidler said the award recognised the school’s success in integrating STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in everyday learning. 

“We want all of Australia’s children to grow into resilient individuals capable of critical thinking and problem solving through inquiry-based learning and playful scientific exploration,” she said. 

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