Rat in a stripy sock

Read aloud: A rat in a stripy sock

Listen to Sibylle Seidler read he story of A rat in a stripy sock. You could then collect everyday items to inspire creative STEM experiences with the children. What unexpected items can find and discover what makes you happy?

Indigenous artwork

Shapes of Australia

This is a great book to spark the imagination and train the observation skills of children of all ages. Invite the children to point out their favourite shapes and colours in the book.

Room on the broom

STEM read aloud: Room on the broom

Listen to Kerstin read the story of Room on the broom, a story about a kind witch who shares her broom with other animals. She then follows up with some tips on how to spot the STEM throughout the book.

Women working with bee hive

Bee bee-friendly

In this short interview, Anne Schneider, tells us about her love for bees and how education and care services can provide a bee-friendly environment.

Three little bush pigs

Read aloud: Three little bush pigs

Listen to the story of the Three Little Bush Pigs in this well-known story with an Australian spin. Then discover some tips on how to spot the STEM throughout the book.

Give me some space

Give me some space

ALIA National Simultaneous Storytime 2021 book ‘Give me some space’ describes the creativity, engineering abilities, adventures and observations of space enthusiast Una.

I hear a pickle

I hear a pickle

Depicting familiar sounds, smells, objects and foods, the author makes each sense relatable and establishes the connection between a sense and the feelings and associations it evokes.

The blind man and the elephant

The blind men and the elephant

The ancient story of the six blind men and the elephant is a great opportunity for philosophical inquiry with children and exploring the senses. How is feeling different to seeing?

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