Child using STEM starter cards

Exploring sounds with STEM starter cards

Using the STEM starter cards with the children in her service, STEM leader Lynne Graham discovered that the children were immediately drawn to the noises they imagined in relation to the pictures.

Hair love

Hair is part of most people’s personal appearance and different styles have cultural significance. But how often do we think about hair in a STEM context?

Children and teacher cooking zucchini

Eating a rainbow

This Eat a rainbow program set out to change children’s perception about food. The program encourages children to explore fresh and healthy foods in all the colours of the rainbow.

Moonwalkers book cover


The story of how the Moon landing inspired some creative play and imaginary space travel.

Mortar and pestle with grains

Grinding grains with children

Take a look at the different technologies you can use to grind grains with children including grinding rocks, mortar and pestle and coffee grinders then explore the textures produced.

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