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Big rain coming

three indigenous women in front of indigenous painting

Big rain coming is a lyrical story about waiting for the rain. Old Stephen wisely predicts throughout the book that rain is coming. Clouds are forming, but all week long it does not rain and the children and animals try different things to stay cool. The long wait and the joyful relief for the “wonderful cool wet rain” are wonderfully conveyed by the vibrant and bold illustrations of Bronwyn Bancroft.

Predictions can serve as hypotheses during scientific research. What do the children already know about rain and what stories shape their understanding? What do animals and people do when there is no water? What could they make or do to help save water?

Avatar: Tina Gaertner
Article author: Tina Gaertner
Graphic Design & Marketing Support

Tina combines her love of graphic design with a master’s degree in adult education. She loves using her creativity and digital expertise to contribute to changing young children’s lives.

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