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The boy who loved math

Boy running whilst smiling and looking up

Dive into mathematician Paul Erdős’ life and experience his passion for numbers and solving problems. Although Paul Erdős didn’t like rules in his own life, he liked rules in numbers. You can encourage the children to look for numbers and mathematical symbols in the text and illustrations. What rules do the children know? Which rules make them feel safe and which ones do they not like? Do they know any rules or patterns to do with numbers?

Paul visited other mathematicians to solve problems together. Have the children ever asked someone else to help them solve a problem? Do they like doing things with others or on their own?

Hopefully you and the children will feel inspired by Paul’s love for numbers and his passion for collaboration. He was different but he invented his own way to live and made a big difference in people’s lives and in his field.

Avatar: Kerstin Johnson
Article author: Kerstin Johnson
Content Editor & Resources Developer

Kerstin is our editor and looks after all the content at Little Scientists. Her aim is to make everything as engaging and user-friendly as possible for workshop participants.

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