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Dyeing eggs with natural dye for Easter

Colourful eggs dyed with natural and artificial dyes

Whether you’re planning activities around Easter or want to experiment with colourful dyes, this egg-dyeing activity will get children excited about STEM.

You can see good results dyeing eggs with food colouring, but you can improvise and try natural dyes instead. The garden and kitchen pantry are great places to look for dye alternatives.

Activity sheet and video

Download: Activity and equipment sheet [pdf]

Spark more STEM conversations

  • Colour different items with the dyes, such as paper, leaves, or toilet rolls, and invite the children to compare which items have the strongest colour.
  • Ask the children what colours they see in their lunches. Are there different shades of yellow, green, red? Which colours stand out the most on their plates or in their bowls?
  • Invite the children to explore how they can get the dye off their hands after the activity!
Hayley Bates
Article author: Hayley Bates
National Certifications Coordinator

This passionate mathematician and former science teacher will inspire you with her enthusiasm for inquiry-based learning and her determination to provide high-quality hands-on and fun professional development.

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