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If I was Prime Minister

Girl holding picture frame around face

On the election weekend, we would like to hear from the children: What world do they want to live in? What would happen if they were in charge?

The book If I was Prime Minister investigates this thought further. Stimulating the children’s enthusiasm through fun and delightful and humorous illustrations from the author reflecting Australian culture we are drawn into children’s ‘wild imagination’.

With ideas such as koalas being taught karate, an extra day on the weekend to eat delicious food and building tree houses in parks for the needy – children aren’t afraid to go down new pathways and certainly have what it takes – they are curious, courageous, independent learners and imaginative.

Ask the children what they would do if they were Prime Minster? Is there a pressing issue they would like to see resolved? Have they been in situations before where they’ve been in charge and made a change for the better?

Avatar: Tina Gaertner
Article author: Tina Gaertner
Graphic Design & Marketing Support

Tina combines her love of graphic design with a master’s degree in adult education. She loves using her creativity and digital expertise to contribute to changing young children’s lives.

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