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The incredible freedom machines

Girl standing on tower of rocks looking through telescope

The book The incredible freedom machines takes the reader to a dusty town somewhere in Australia to a young girl that watches others using so-called freedom machines. She dreams about building her very own freedom machine but realises it takes time, effort, and determination to learn how to use it.

It’s the language and whimsical illustrations that suggest freedom machines could be anything (books, music, enjoying outdoors) that opens up new worlds and take us to new places. “With her freedom machine, she was everything she ever dreamed of being”

Children may have not been exposed to some of the words used in this book including unfurling, toilsome and persevered. The more children are exposed to new words, the easier it can be included into their own vocabulary. This gives educators the opportunity to use the book as a springboard to explore more words and concepts. Every page has much to explore and expand the creative mind. As we know from the EYLF –  opening up play and creative expression helps children develop an understanding of the world around them.

Explore the concept of ‘freedom’ with the children by looking at the girls freedom machine and ask them to draw their very own. What is special about their machine? Can they think of names for their freedom machines? What does freedom mean to you and what ways it can be expressed?

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