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Meg’s eggs

Meg's eggs cover

The witch Meg makes a spell to provide dinner for Owl, the cat Mog and herself. Unfortunately, the eggs she creates are huge and they cannot break the shell to eat them. But during the night, three dinosaurs hatch: first a diplodocus, then a stegosaurus and finally a T-Rex. Meg averts disaster by turning the dinosaurs into tiny creatures.

There is so much to talk about with little dinosaur fans! Meg and her friends can’t break the eggs from the outside. How do you think the dinosaurs managed to get out? What do the three dinosaurs eat (or want to eat) in the story? How many cabbages do you think a stegosaurus would need to eat every day to survive? Why do you think some dinosaurs eat plants and some eat other dinosaurs? Can you tell by their body shapes or teeth whether they are herbivores or carnivores?

And for those not so interested in dinosaurs: Is it really possible to magically create eggs? What are eggs made of? Where do they come from? Do all animals come from eggs? Which creatures hatch from them (apart from dinosaurs)? How do animals know what to eat right after they’ve hatched?

You can explore size starting with comparing egg sizes. How big do the children think dinosaur eggs are? Have the children seen any eggs other than chicken eggs? How big or small are they? Maybe the children could draw with chalk how big they think different animals’ eggs could be. Then they could look at pictures or even some real eggs to compare.

Diplodocus and Stegosaurus don’t want to eat Meg, Mog and Owl, but how could they still be dangerous to them? Do you know any big but harmless animals? Do you know any small but dangerous animals? Do you think a tiny T-Rex could still be dangerous?

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With many years’ experience developing educational materials for print and online publishing, Kerstin aims to use her editing and writing skills to produce engaging and user-friendly content across all our platforms.

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