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Moonwalkers book cover

How do children experience momentous events such as the Moon landing in 1969? How do they make sense of something as abstract and complex as the moment when the crew of Apollo 11 stepped onto the surface of the moon?

Moonwalkers, written by Mark Greenwood, illustrates beautifully how Billy and his siblings experience the Moon landing through imaginative play. From blast-off to the actual landing – the children go through the same stages of a Moon exploration: crafting a space module, using walkie-talkies for communicating, making their very own space suits, eating space food and experiencing zero gravity in the bathtub.

Have the children heard of the Moon landing before? Why do they think it was so special? Is a Moon landing considered special today? Have the children ever discovered something that no one else has discovered before?

Avatar: Tina Gaertner
Article author: Tina Gaertner
Graphic Design & Marketing Support

Tina combines her love of graphic design with a master’s degree in adult education. She loves using her creativity and digital expertise to contribute to changing young children’s lives.

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