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Our resource section aims to support your daily practice by sparking ideas for exploration with the children and reflection on your professional journey. We also share ideas on how to initiate STEM conversations and investigations from reading popular children’s books.

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Our favourite 3 books about water

Our favourite 3: Water

Read |
Published June 22, 2022
Floating and sinking, buoyancy, engineering, sustainability – the list of joyful explorations you can start from water play is endless. ...
dimetrodon skeleton

This is NOT a dinosaur

Reflect |
Published June 15, 2022
Not all fossils are dinosaurs. Not all animals that lived millions of years ago were dinosaurs. What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? How can you distinguish them from other species? ...
Favourite 3 dinosaur books

Our favourite 3: Dinosaurs

Read |
Published May 26, 2022
These books will support you in embracing the children’s fascination with dinosaurs and embed it in meaningful STEM learning experiences....
Children and educator sitting in circle

6 reasons Little Scientists inspires a growth mindset

Reflect |
Published May 23, 2022
Children are naturally curious and believe that they can always learn more skills and find out more. How does the Little Scientists program support this attitude towards learning?...
Family tree book cover

Family tree

Read |
Published May 11, 2022
Capturing the essence of Belonging, Being and Becoming, the book could start research into seeds and discussions on environmental topics....
Children building marble run

5 ways STEM boosts children’s self-confidence

Reflect |
Published May 2, 2022
Early STEM education is much more than learning about science, technology, engineering and maths. How does early STEM exploration help the children develop their self-confidence?...
Human body books

Our favourite 3: Human Body

Read |
Published April 26, 2022
This selection of books invites you to celebrate the human body and its abilities by exploring the senses, physical strength and nourishment....

Nature play: Maths and optics

Play |
Published March 28, 2022
While free play in natural environments is important for their general skills development, children’s observations can also lead to fantastic STEM learning opportunities....
Favourite 3 Engineering

Our favourite 3: Engineering

Read |
Published March 23, 2022
Children are creative problem-solvers and resourceful engineers, and this passion to build their own world is reflected in many books. ...
pink bubble snail

Nature play: Observing sea animals

Play |
Published March 8, 2022
Camouflage, communication, classification, counting: Being immersed in nature is a great opportunity to observe, ask questions, form hypotheses and learn about STEM concepts. ...
nature play

Fresh air, free play and focused minds

Reflect |
Published March 7, 2022
Free unstructured outdoor play is important for children’s motor, social skills and language development. How do educators best balance guidance and safety with free exploration?...

Our favourite 3: Optics

Read |
Published February 22, 2022
Children spy so many things in their environment: colours, light and shadow, the sun. Let books open the world of optics for you....
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