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Free resources

Our resource section aims to support your daily practice by sparking ideas for exploration with the children and reflection on your professional journey. We also share ideas on how to initiate STEM conversations and investigations from reading popular children’s books.

Painting - shells on beach

Why I love Australia

Enjoy the rich colours and wonderful shapes in Bronwyn Bancroft’s celebration of Country. What colours and shapes do the children like?

Who sank the boat - Pamela Allen

Who sank the boat?

This story could lead into investigating the best ways to get into a boat or building boats and trying out how much weight these can carry.

Pink octopus in ocean

Commotion in the ocean

Dive into the colourful world of blubber, tusks and fins with this vibrant book. Can the children walk like crabs? How do other animals move?

Fox holding a wombat in a basket

Wombat stew

Encourage the children to make their own wombat stew. Which ingredients dissolve and which don’t? Which ones float and which ones sink?



This book and its sequel are a great resources for discussing career paths and encouraging girls to freely choose their profession.

Boy jumping out of box with flashlight

The nowhere box

George imagines a landscape made from cardboard. Could the children build these things in real life? Do they have any cardboard toys?

Picture book - Perfect square by Michael Hall

Perfect square

The book encourages you to think about shapes in a whole new way. Get creative by exploring what can happen when you take a square apart.

Snail - Swirl by swirl

Swirl by swirl

This book is a fantastic starting point for discussing the beauty and usefulness of spirals in nature: Where else can we find spirals?

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