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Our resource section aims to support your daily practice by sparking ideas for exploration with the children and reflection on your professional journey. We also share ideas on how to initiate STEM conversations and investigations from reading popular children’s books.

Book of stone cover

The book of stone

Every stone tells a story. This book will help you imagine and explore stones with the children – their origin, texture and memories.

Meg's eggs cover

Meg’s eggs

Out of three magical eggs hatch a diplodocus, a stegosaurus and a T-Rex. Find out how the witch Meg manages to avert disaster in this fun book.

Child using STEM starter cards

Exploring sounds with STEM starter cards

Using the STEM starter cards with the children in her service, STEM leader Lynne Graham discovered that the children were immediately drawn to the noises they imagined in relation to the pictures.

Hair love

Hair is part of many people’s appearance and different styles have cultural significance. Is hair interesting from a STEM perspective too?

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