Child-led inquiry and spotting STEM in the everyday isn’t always easy in our busy everyday lives so we have created these resources for inspiration. We want to give you support and guidance in a virtual co-constructed learning environment.

Colourful eggs dyed with natural and artificial dyes

Dyeing eggs with natural dye for Easter

You can see good results dyeing eggs with food colouring but to be honest, we used up all the food colouring in our house tie-dyeing t-shirts recently, so this year we had to improvise and try natural dyes instead. Luckily, our garden and the pantry provided some great options! But of course, it was not all smooth sailing so find out what we did!

Jars with water and different types of paper

What is flushable?

What can be flushed down the toilet and why? With this activity, we would like to investigate with you the things that should and definitely shouldn’t be flushed. Think about the 3 P’s: paper, pee and poo, right? Well, yes. But it has to be the paper! Let’s investigate the different types of paper.

Kids taping floor to make shapes

Make a Kandinsky artwork

This is another great art and mathematics activity. Naming the shapes, talking about the angles formed and deciding where the tape should go. Try to discuss the different attributes of the shapes as you colour them in.

Boy with fingers in ears, fingers attached to string, attached to plastic coathanger


There is a world of sounds out there to discover. A nice way to start any of these experiments is to lie on the floor (or on the grass outside) with your children and just listen. What can you hear? Where do the noises come from? How does the noise travel to our ears?

one shape fitting into another shape

Tiling and tessellations

Maurits Cornelis (MC) Escher was an amazing Dutch graphic artist and mathematician who created some magical, mathematical artworks. We encourage you to research him a little more if you and your children are interested!…

woman blowing bubbles with straw into blue liquid

What shape is a bubble

When people think of mathematics they tend to think of numbers and numeracy but actually there are some wonderful mathematics activities for children that doesn’t involve ‘doing sums’. Spotting patterns is an important part of mathematical  abstraction and the following activities are fun, and a wonderful artistic introduction to patterns…

Child blowing bubble mix through chux cloth to make a snake

Making a bubble snake

Bubbles are a serious business. Different recipes for bubble mix can be a closely guarded secret.  And bubbles contain so many STEM opportunities that you probably don’t even realise.  This little gem is a maths activity, creating bubble mix is also a good introduction to chemistry.

magnet with nuts , bolts and washers stuck to it


You know we love talking about magnets. But it’s quite the polarising topic… If you are attracted by magnets, we encourage you to dive right in and explore what they can do with the children while introducing some new STEM vocabulary…

Children holding DIY Wayfinder sticks

Exploring nature with children

Are you looking for new ways to experience nature with children? It is amazing what you can find along the way and how you can train your observation and orientation skills by creating wayfinding sticks…

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