Below we share our thoughts on pedagogy and inquiry-based STEM learning. Join us in investigating questions like: How can I provide good mathematical learning when my own experience of the subject in school was so negative? Or how does STEM help to grow children’s self-confidence?

If you are interested in more in-depth discussions of a variety of topics relating to early childhood education, have a look at our upcoming STEM Hour webinars.

foot steps in the sand

Integrating Indigenous perspectives

Integrating Indigenous perspectives into early childhood environments brings benefits for all children, as well as educators. Some ideas may help shape a more holistic approach.

toy dinosaurs

What to do with a dinosaur question

It is possible to take an inquiry-based approach to fact-based questions about dinosaurs, as Hayley demonstrates with a few example scenarios where the fact does not end the questioning but starts new conversations.

toy dinosaurs

Dinosaurs: Facts vs process

Many children are interested in dinosaurs and have many questions about them. Rather than just telling them the facts, how can we integrate these questions into a meaningful inquiry-based learning environment?

girl and boy playing tic-tac-toe

Gender-irrelevant education

How can self-awareness contribute to overcoming gender bias in early childhood and work towards achieving gender parity in university subject selection? Find out what you can do.

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