Below we share our thoughts on pedagogy and inquiry-based STEM learning. Join us in investigating questions like: How can I provide good mathematical learning when my own experience of the subject in school was so negative? Or how does STEM help to grow children’s self-confidence?

If you are interested in more in-depth discussions of a variety of topics relating to early childhood education, have a look at our upcoming STEM Hour webinars.

Table laid out with eggs an devices used to help them float to the ground

Egg challenge

Training Manager Heike tells us why the egg challenge is one of her favourite engineering experiences. She loves observing children the moment the egg hits the ground. Did it survive?

Children tracing each other though glass

You and I

Children can learn about self-awareness and awareness of others in a STEM context. We can use STEM is a tool to explore every aspect of life and make sense of the world.

Snowman made from sand on beach

Hedgehogs and autumn leaves

Collecting autumn leaves to create a hedgehog picture? Creating snowman craft around Christmas time? Some activities may not be suited to Australian seasons and environment.

Red apple on tree

Science: Stating the obvious

Discussion of the why is often the step that people skip, rushing on to the next experiment, looking for the next big explosion, what happens when, … but not getting to or staying with the ‘why does it happen?’ That’s the crucial bit.

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