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Sam and Dave dig a hole

Boys with shovels

For many children, digging a hole is accompanied by a sense of adventure. It holds the possibility to find something special, something long lost, something that could tell a story.

Sam and Dave dig a hole, determined to find something special. Through clever illustrations, the reader knows that the path the children are digging narrowly misses treasures again and again. Only moments before Sam and Dave would find a treasure they change their direction and dig away from it.

A wonderful story about determination, resilience and perseverance and that sometimes in life the real treasure lies in just sharing an experience with a friend, no matter the outcome.

Spot the STEM?

Speak to the children about their experiences. Have they ever found something interesting, ugly or worth keeping in the ground? Where do they like to dig? What happens when you dig in dry sand? How about wet sand? Is there anywhere they could dig in the yard? They could hypothesise before they start digging: How deep can they dig? What might stop their progress? Do they need tools? What might they find? How can they best work together? How can they measure their hole?

Avatar: Tina Gaertner
Article author: Tina Gaertner
Graphic Design & Marketing Support

Tina combines her love of graphic design with a master’s degree in adult education. She loves using her creativity and digital expertise to contribute to changing young children’s lives.

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