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Sarabella’s thinking cap

Sarabella's Thinking Cap - Girl wearing oversized hat

Children whose perception differs from the mainstream can find it challenging to connect to the world around them. Sarabella’s Thinking Cap is the story of a girl who is always daydreaming, thinking and imagining and has a hard time connecting with other children.

Instead of talking about her feelings and thoughts she creates a ‘thinking cap’ that becomes a physical representation of all the beautiful thoughts floating around in her mind. It is through this thinking cap that Sarabella finds herself connecting with her classmates and learning a way to express herself.

This book helps reflect on how we provide learning experiences for all different learners. How can you unpack the thoughts of inquisitive children and inspire and support them?

Of course, asking open-ended questions can start a whole journey of inquiry and investigations, but invitations to play and creative hands-on experiences also support children in following their own path.

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