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Windows with kids looking out

Windows describes the experience of many children all over the world, whose spaces have been restricted and experiences limited during the pandemic. The children in the book observe clouds and people from their windows and prove that their imagination and creativity cannot be confined.

You can use this book to give the children an opportunity to talk about their experiences and feelings during lockdowns and tight regulations. How did they feel? How did they adapt? Who do they miss?

What can you see from your window? What do the clouds look like? What weather do they bring? Can you see the sun in the mornings? What sounds do you hear?

All you need to spot STEM in the everyday is a window and observation skills.

Avatar: Kerstin Johnson
Article author: Kerstin Johnson
Content Editor & Resources Developer

Kerstin is our editor and looks after all the content at Little Scientists. Her aim is to make everything as engaging and user-friendly as possible for workshop participants.

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