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STEM starter cards

These STEM starter cards will help you spot the STEM in the everyday. 

STEM starters

These STEM provocation cards will help you recognise early STEM learning opportunities in everyday life and start conversations about everyday STEM with the children. The cards will increase your confidence to engage children in STEM inquiry.

Getting started

Every card features a photograph of an everyday object, living thing or situation. The icons on the back of the cards represent our 10 STEM inquiry workshop topics and may also spark children’s inquisitive minds.

We believe the cards are are a great way to start conversations with the children that can lead to explorations and projects. There are a range of different ways how you can use the card set, you can be as creative as you like.

Use the cards to create a story, find related objects, count, explore shapes, colours and much more.

Tips for using the STEM starter cards [pdf]

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