STEM leader certification

Our STEM leaders are advocates for inquiry-based STEM learning in early childhood education.

Recognition for STEM educators

Early STEM education is only possible because of the many enthusiastic educators who are part of the Little Scientists community. Since the beginning of 2020 we have been featuring STEM leaders on our website. We recognise their unwavering dedication to inquiry-based STEM and to encouraging children’s curiosity and creativity in their daily practice.

Are you a STEM leader?

Benefits for STEM leaders

If you become one of our STEM leaders, we will feature your professional profile on our website and send you a certificate that you can display in your service to get you the public recognition you deserve.

We will also try to find ways to collaborate and share ideas with you in the future. This may involve you testing and reviewing resources, writing website blogs about your STEM learning experiences or being involved in Little Scientists events.

We are always open to new ideas so please let us know what would be beneficial for your professional development.

Outstanding STEM leader

If you know someone who lives and breathes inquiry-based STEM, please enter them in our Early STEM Award so that we hear all about the enthusiastic educational professionals out there. You are welcome to nominate yourself too, of course! 


Our panel of early childhood experts will judge the application based on these criteria:

  • Originality
  • Enthusiasm
  • STEM advocacy
  • Child-led focus
  • Inquiry-based focus

Little Scientists Houses and STEM Leaders

Our Little Scientists House certification is our recognition of STEM commitment in an organisation (usually an early childhood service or school) while the STEM leader title recognises the dedication to STEM in individual educators.

STEM leaders can play a significant role within Little Scientists Houses by encouraging colleagues less comfortable in supporting the children’s scientific research and discovery.

Little Scientists Houses enjoy many advantages, including free webinars and educational resources, so as the STEM leader in your service, you may want to get your service involved!

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