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Room on the broom

Room on the broom book cover

Explore wind, weather and sounds, design and build the perfect broom and discover different habitats inspired by this fun magical tale.

How do dinosaurs eat their food?


The retro-feel illustrations that offer many impulses for explorations, from design and technologies to different species’ diets.

No good crying over spilt milk

Cup of milk that has spilt

This is a lovely design and technology experience. Children can look at the table setting and decide what objects are ‘fit for purpose’: What is it about the jug that makes it easy to pour? They learn about table settings, whether the knife goes on the right or left. What if you are left-handed?

What to do with a problem

Overcoming problems is central to technology education, whether you’re designing a production process or creating an obstacle course.

A giant leap for technology

Astronaut on moon with American flag erected

Technology has changed rapidly in the last 50 years. An investigation into changes in telephone technology or pictures of old cars can spark many conversations. These might lead into a closer investigation of form and functionality then and now and how technology affects everyday life.

The crow and the pitcher

Crow dropping pebbles into a jug

This ancient but relevant fable about the crow who solves an existential problem proves that necessity truly is the mother of invention.

Technology, blessing or curse?

Kids playing with book and stuffed animal

Technology makes our lives easier but the convenience can come at a cost. How can you encourage the children to ask critical questions about using technologies in daily routines?

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