Children's books relevant to teaching acoustics

Our favourite 3: Acoustics

Are the children in your service exploring acoustics? Try reading these three picks from our collection to spark some further research into the world of sound.

Child using STEM starter cards

Exploring sounds with STEM starter cards

Using the STEM starter cards with the children in her service, STEM leader Lynne Graham discovered that the children were immediately drawn to the noises they imagined in relation to the pictures.

boy laying on bed with floor covered in water

There’s a sea in my bedroom

David is afraid of the sea. Do you think it might be good to be afraid in some situations? When is fear good for us and when is it bad? How can we overcome our fears? What are you afraid of?

Ten little pirates - book cover

Ten little pirates

Go beyond the obvious STEM-relevant counting backwards from ten. There is a wealth of discussion points in this story, such as different weather phenomena and dangerous animals at sea. You can look into cause and venture into the world of acoustics by creating some of the sound effects from the story…

Sun just rising over the horizon as viewed from space

In space, no one can hear you scream

For sound to travel from one place to another, it needs something to move through. On Earth, air allows sound waves to move from one point to another. Sound can also move through water and the coat hanger is also useful for investigating how whales and dolphins communicate over such long distances. Sound waves travel through vibrations…

Dolphin jumping through a wave

Hearing without ears: Dolphins

Do dolphins and whales have ears? How do earthworms hear? Why are ears shaped the way they are? Would dolphins and whales create more drag if they had external ears? Does long hair make a difference when moving through water? This STEM activity examines these questions and much more.

Children with eyes closed listening for sounds

Silence is golden

Find a cosy place to sit with the children and ask everyone to close their eyes. What can they hear? You will be surprised how many sounds the children notice when everybody is quiet. For many children, this might be the first time they consciously absorb the sounds around them…

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