preschool aged boy blowing bubbles

Can you blow bubbles on the Moon?

Bubbles are fascinating: The spherical shape, the sheen and the rainbow colours, the way they float and move with the air currents… They are a source of wonder; but how do they form? What makes them pop? What holds them together? AND can you blow bubbles on the Moon?

Bear walking over hill

Mr Bear Branches and the cloud conundrum

Mr Bear Branches is a thinker, Lintfrey Longfellow is a dreamer and they are the very best of friends. Mr Bear Branches explains to Lintfrey all about condensation and evaporation. But soon realises that exploring the wonders of the natural world can be magical, too.

Grassy hill with colourful decorations

Water bottle wind spirals

Make your own wind spirals then put your STEM hat on and ask yourself: What could children be pondering when watching the spirals spin in the wind? What question could I pose to spark children’s interest in air?

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