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Family tree book cover

Family tree

Capturing the essence of Belonging, Being and Becoming, the book could start research into seeds and discussions on environmental topics.

Book of stone cover

The book of stone

Every stone tells a story. This book will help you imagine and explore stones with the children – their origin, texture and memories.

Into the wild book cover

Into the wild

The joys of a child fascinated by all his beautiful finds in nature is the perfect starting point for going exploring with the children.

A walk in the bush book cover edited

A walk in the bush

With its vivid illustrations and descriptions of sounds, this book invites you to explore Australia’s flora and fauna with all your senses.

Children holding DIY Wayfinder sticks

Exploring nature with children

Are you looking for new ways to experience nature with children? It is amazing what you can find along the way and how you can train your observation and orientation skills by creating wayfinding sticks…

Petra picture book cover


Depicting children’s love for playfully discovering the natural world around them, the book encourages them to see things differently.

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