Design and technologies

Cup of milk that has spilt

No good crying over spilt milk

This is a lovely design and technology experience. Children can look at the table setting and decide what objects are ‘fit for purpose’: What is it about the jug that makes it easy to pour? They learn about table settings, whether the knife goes on the right or left. What if you are left-handed?

Astronaut on moon with American flag erected

A giant leap for technology

Technology has changed rapidly in the last 50 years. An investigation into changes in telephone technology or pictures of old cars can spark many conversations. These might lead into a closer investigation of form and functionality then and now and how technology affects everyday life.

Crow dropping pebbles into a jug

The crow and the pitcher

When a thirsty crow can’t get its beak inside a pitcher to drink the water, it collects pebbles and drops them into the pitcher. Once the water level has risen to the top, the clever crow finally manages to quench its thirst, proving that necessity is indeed the mother of invention…

Kids playing with book and stuffed animal

Technology, blessing or curse?

Technology really does make life so much easier! On the flip side, the convenience of our modern lives comes at a cost. How can you encourage critical questions about the use of technologies in our daily routine

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