Design and technologies

Kids playing with book and stuffed animal

Technology, blessing or curse?

Technology really does make life so much easier! On the flip side, the convenience of our modern lives comes at a cost. How can you encourage critical questions about the use of technologies in our daily routine

Coloured tinfoil shaped into boats floating on pond

Tin foil boats

We, at Little Scientists, had quite a bit of coloured tinfoil left over from the Easter eggs. And lots of very pretty boats started appearing. The designs varied, some of them floated whilst others didn’t. So we designed a challenge – build a boat from a piece of 30 cm by 30 cm tinfoil that can carry as many marbles as possible.

magnet with nuts , bolts and washers stuck to it


You know we love talking about magnets. But it’s quite the polarising topic… If you are attracted by magnets, we encourage you to dive right in and explore what they can do with the children while introducing some new STEM vocabulary…

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