Many children enjoy playing with dinosaur toys, reading stories about them and roaring and stomping like dinosaurs. Some become real dinosaur experts who have many questions. We have prepared some resources on how you can integrate these often fact-based questions into a meaningful inquiry-based STEM environment.


dimetrodon skeleton

This is NOT a dinosaur

Not all fossils are dinosaurs. Not all animals that lived millions of years ago were dinosaurs. What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur? How can you distinguish them from other species?

Favourite 3 dinosaur books

Our favourite 3: Dinosaurs

These books will support you in embracing the children’s fascination with dinosaurs and embed it in meaningful STEM learning experiences.

dinosaur toys

Sorting and classifying dinosaurs

Sorting and classifying are important STEM skills that children can train while finding out more about dinosaurs. How many different ways of sorting dinosaurs can you think of?

toy dinosaurs

What to do with a dinosaur question

It is possible to take an inquiry-based approach to factual dinosaur questions. Hayley demonstrates how facts don’t have to end the questioning but rather start new conversations.

toy dinosaurs

Dinosaurs: Facts vs process

Many children are interested in dinosaurs. Rather than just giving them facts, how can we integrate their questions into a meaningful inquiry-based learning environment?

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