Many children enjoy playing with dinosaur toys, reading stories about them and roaring and stomping like dinosaurs. Some become real dinosaur experts who have many questions. We have prepared some resources on how you can integrate these often fact-based questions into a meaningful inquiry-based STEM environment.

For more hands-on tips for your daily practice, you can also join our two-part online workshop Inspire STEM: Australian dinosaurs, megafauna and fossils on 30 March and 6 April.

dinosaur toys

Sorting and classifying dinosaurs

Sorting and classifying are important STEM skills that children can train while finding out more about dinosaurs. How many different ways of sorting dinosaurs can you think of?

toy dinosaurs

What to do with a dinosaur question

It is possible to take an inquiry-based approach to fact-based questions about dinosaurs, as Hayley demonstrates with a few example scenarios where the fact does not end the questioning but starts new conversations.

toy dinosaurs

Dinosaurs: Facts vs process

Many children are interested in dinosaurs and have many questions about them. Rather than just telling them the facts, how can we integrate these questions into a meaningful inquiry-based learning environment?

Dinosaurs looking at egg

Am I yours?

A strong wind separates an egg from its parents and one by one the dinosaurs ask it questions to find out by process of elimination, which species it belongs to…

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