Three little bush pigs

Read aloud: Three little bush pigs

Listen to the story of the Three Little Bush Pigs in this well-known story with an Australian spin. Then discover some tips on how to spot the STEM throughout the book.

Wolf standing in a hotel elevator


When Wolfred takes on a job operating a hotel elevator he starts to investigate.. “It was the warmest of lights on the coldest of nights.” Is it always cold when there is no light? Can a lamp warm you up?

What we'll build sign

What we’ll build

A story about building love, hope, resilience and forgiveness. In this story, the reader soon realises that the real ‘tools’ we need as parents and educators are trust, comfort, compassion and unconditional love.

Flying boy wearing super hero costume made from recycled parts

Michael Recycle

The town of Abberdoo-Rimey is smelly and full of rubbish until Michael Recycle appears and teaches its inhabitants responsible waste management. How could we produce less waste.

Book cover - Waddle Giggle Gargle

Waddle giggle gargle

There are suggestions that the 2020 magpie swooping season may be more stressful for both magpies and humans in Victoria as the birds struggle to recognise people wearing face masks! How can technology help humans and animals to live together?

Illustration of boy girl and cat dancing

Milli, Jack and the dancing cat

This book is an encouragement and inspiration to all children who do things a little bit different. Unconventional problem-solving skills have been the starting point for many inventions…

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