Human body

Human body books

Our favourite 3: Human Body

This selection of books invites you to celebrate the human body and its abilities by exploring the senses, physical strength and nourishment.

Hair love

Hair is part of many people’s appearance and different styles have cultural significance. Is hair interesting from a STEM perspective too?

Children and teacher cooking zucchini

Eating a rainbow

This Eat a rainbow program set out to change children’s perception about food. The program encourages children to explore fresh and healthy foods in all the colours of the rainbow.

Into the wild book cover

Into the wild

The joys of a child fascinated by all his beautiful finds in nature is the perfect starting point for going exploring with the children.

Vegetable platter with different coloured capsicums

Critically thinking about capsicums

In this age of free-flowing information and fake news, there lies an opportunity to cultivate critical thinking skills. Skills that are far more important for today’s education and children’s futures than just knowing the facts.

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