Human body

Sugar and herbs mixed in a metal bowl

Potions and lotions

A chance to experiment with smells, textures and, although not in this activity unless heavily supervised, tastes is part of our experiences of the world. Using our senses is important to developing our sense of the world.  This activity is a wonderful way to use STEM to develop observational skills.

Boy with leaves attached to his arms


In a world of uncertainties, educators can help children learn techniques and strategies to release stress and to calm the body and mind.

Children tracing each other though glass

You and I

Children can learn about self-awareness and awareness of others in a STEM context. We can use STEM is a tool to explore every aspect of life and make sense of the world.

man and boy walking up a snowy hill

Owl moon

This book is all about experiencing with all your senses and being aware of the here and now. Use the story to go outdoors to explore.

the book with no pictures

The book with no pictures

Celebrating children’s appreciation of nonsense, this book bravely leaves the realm of the picture book behind, letting us focus on sound.

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