Kookoo Kookaburra

This Indigenous morality tale with its vibrant illustrations is a great starting point for observations and talking about scientific language.

Finding our heart

Finding our heart

Torres Strait Islander author Thomas Mayor dedicates his story about the Uluru Statement for young Australians to the children. How do the children think Australia’s future will look?

Aboriginal women holding baby over smoke in ceremony

Baby business

A perfect book to spy with your little eyes! Rich in illustrations and full of wonder, it takes the children from fairy tale to fairy tale and invites them to spot nursery rhyme characters…

Our Home - children running with indigenous background

Our home, our heartbeat

Belonging, Being and Becoming are such important aspects of children’s lives and are beautifully conveyed by the children featured in this book, who are inspired by Aboriginal legends past and present: “My history is my strength, my future is my own.”

three indigenous women in front of indigenous painting

Big rain coming

‘Big rain coming’ is a lyrical story about waiting for the rain. Old Stephen wisely predicts throughout the book that rain is coming. Predictions can serve as hypotheses during scientific research. What do the children already know about rain and what stories shape their understanding? What do animals and people do when there is no water?

How the birds got their colours

How the birds got their colours

When reading this story, invite your children to sit in a circle to enjoy every page, and use each one as an invitation to spark different paths of inquiry. Children might want to research more about the specific characteristics and habits of birds, or discover and observe different colours in the natural world.

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